Company Profile

Harmonix Technologies, Inc. is a National Information Technology corporation specializing in design engineering, implementation and project management. Established in 2005 in Albuquerque, NM with affiliate offices strategically located throughout the United States.  By focusing on collaborating with our clients and partners, we are able to build long-term relationships allows us to focus on beginning with the end in mind, creating endless possibilities to be innovative.  We design, build, implement and manage customized, client-centric networks that are strategically tailored to meet an organization’s specific operational goals and requirements, while reducing costs and improving their internal processes.

Our Story

Harmonix Technologies, Inc. was Founded in 2005 by Jack T. Vigil born and raised in Taos County in the town of Peñasco, in Northern New Mexico.

When Jack created Harmonix he had a mindset of “Harmony” and has strived to create an environment that is conducive to building teams, partnerships and most importantly relationships.  He also believed that Harmonix had that special “X Factor” and so it began an organization called Harmonix Technologies, where performance and customer service would be our unspoken trademark.

Beginning as a consulting firm, Harmonix Technologies quickly evolved into a fully operational Information Technology firm specializing in designing, engineering and implementing networks for state, local and educational customers.

Growing over 3000% in 1 year, Harmonix quickly became a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

We have always been committed to delivering innovation, collaborating with our clients to help them utilize IT applications to enhance their business or governmental value proposition. We seek to develop long-term customer relationships and build our solutions over time beginning with the end in mind.

Harmonix Technologies has remained a debt-free company employing an exceptional team specializing in technology, engineering, design, project management and business relations. Harmonix Technologies is based in Albuquerque, NM and serves client’s nationally.

Our passion is delivering our client’s vision, we are dedicated to our craft and it is truly an honor to have the opportunity to serve.

Why Us?

The Spartan Creed

We are committed! We believe in and use the products and services we provide.  We will out perform all competition through hard work, dedication and perseverance.

We will provide an end-result that is near perfection, we will build long-term relationships with our customers and never let a sale overtake the design.

We will always strive to be students of technology to better serve our clients.  We will never let a day go by where we don’t seek out to learn something new or perfect something existing.

We will show our confidence by having pride in the Harmonix name.  We are a company that was built on having a strong work ethic, we are not afraid to dig trenches, we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We will run our operation with transparency by focusing on our corporate culture, providing an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and information and we will accept change in order to grow.  We will become an environment of honest opinions, candidness and candor in order to promote efficiency and effectiveness.  We will recognize our areas of concern and attack those areas first.

We will be graded and judged by our adherence to the Mission, Vision and Values of Harmonix Technologies.

We are only as strong as our weakest link, so we will work together to be stronger.

We are Team Spartan Forever!