Physical Security

Sophisticated organizations realize the mission critical nature of their complex multiservice systems, supporting all aspects of their operation. Harmonix Technologies focuses on leveraging new technologies to sustain today’s environment, while anticipating and building to deliver and support the needs of tomorrow.  We offer a wide variety of services to accomplish any mission and thrive on being your One Stop Solution Provider for all of your I.T. Needs.

  • Security is of high concern to our clients and helps to do the following:
    • Prevent Theft
    • Provide Remote Surveillance
    • Improve Customer Services
    • Improved Staffing
    • Ensuring Employee and Customer Safety

With the capability of capturing video and transmitting information in real-time or offering the option to record data, your organization can have the security it needs 24/7, on a certain schedule or when motion or audio is detected.  We offer a variety of solutions that fit any business size.  From our own Headquarters at Harmonix Technologies to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.

Physical Security

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