Harmonix Technologies is a debt-free company focused on goals, we believe in our Vision which fuels out Mission and our Values keep us accountable to both.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to specialize in bringing the best of breed in network technology products and services to our customers at an affordable price.

“I want our customers to feel they are getting a Lamborghini craftsmanship at a GM price.”

-Jack T. Vigil, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

To create innovation in the world of information technology, providing complete solutions today for tomorrow, and strive to become the first billion-dollar locally owned IT corporation in New Mexico, to continue to create new and challenging opportunities, to lead by example and enhance the community, specifically the STEM fields for our youth in the great State of New Mexico and beyond.

“We are a performance based organization.”

-Jack T. Vigil, Founder & CEO

Our Values

Our commitment to you, starts with our commitment to each other.

We have made a commitment to act with integrity in accordance with our shared values: