Network Architect Design

Sophisticated organizations realize the mission critical nature of their complex multiservice systems, supporting all aspects of their operation. Harmonix Technologies focuses on leveraging new technologies to sustain today’s environment, while anticipating and building to deliver and support the needs of tomorrow.  We offer a wide variety of services to accomplish any mission and thrive on being your One Stop Solution Provider for all of your I.T. Needs.

When creating your technological strategy, we understand that organization leaders need a partner who can execute your vision.  Harmonix Technologies’ core competency is Network Design Engineering and Implementation Services.  Together, we can design, plan, implement and manage your network solution.  We offer many options to support your infrastructure.  By partnering with Harmonix Technologies our team of experienced engineers and technologists are able to assess your network’s needs, provide expert solutions and team with you on the future development of your organization’s Information Technology infrastructure. 

Harmonix Technologies’ Design Engineering Services address pre-deployment planning and design of multivendor network elements and management systems, covering multiple technologies including wireless, optical, circuit switching, fixed access, and data. Harmonix engineers use technology expertise, sophisticated algorithms and world-class tools, and disciplined design processes to provide the total end-to-end, multivendor design solution for new networks and overlay designs.

Harmonix design engineers offer comprehensive, end-to-end design expertise and technical leadership across all major technologies and vendors and utilize world-class network design models and tools. An optimal network design process allows you to assess alternative options of emerging network technologies and include network migration and possible expansion considerations into planning from the start, avoiding costly redesigns.

Our experience and record of success are what will differentiate a multivendor network designed to optimize the deployment of technologies and services for both today and tomorrow. Our optimized network architectures and engineering result in faster deployments, allowing you to get to market with new technology and leading edge services in order to maximize profit from these investments.

We develop your Vision by providing a true design-build approach to all IP based technologies, from the Physical Layer to the Application Layer.

Technology Disposition

Harmonix strives to help you maximize the life of your existing IT equipment and offers options from redeployment to disposition of the equipment. The life span of a computer and options is usually dictated by how it’s being utilized. If you find that your current computer equipment no longer meets your needs, Harmonix has several technology disposition options.


If there are other departments within your own organization that could use the equipment, Harmonix Technologies can pickup, clean and test the equipment prior to it being redeployed. If you need the equipment imaged or upgraded, we can do that as well in our state of the art configuration center.


You can offer employees the option to purchase the old computer equipment. Based on the guidelines set forth by the customer, Harmonix IT Solutions will resell desktops, laptops, and monitors to the employees at a flat fee.

Harmonix can also broker your equipment. We work with various resellers around the US to obtain the highest possible offer for our customers. All equipment is sold ASIS Where IS, which relieves the customer of any warranty liability after it’s sold.


If you prefer, you can donate the equipment to Schools, or Non Profit Organizations. Harmonix will run each item through our Asset Management process to secure erase drives, record serial numbers and show transfer of ownership. Harmonix will clean, test, and package the equipment slated by for Donation if required by the customer. The equipment will then be invoiced at zero dollars along with the serial numbers to show transfer of ownership.

Proper Disposal

Most state & local agencies require companies to follow certain guidelines when disposing of computer equipment. Equipment with no market value, stripped, or defective, will be processed through our Asset Management System. Secure erase will be performed on those systems that are operational. Once equipment is processed, it will be sent to an EPA disposal company to be destroyed. All serialized items are invoiced to show transfer of ownership, and certificates are obtained and kept on file at Harmonix IT Solutions.

Evolution, Not Revolution

At Harmonix, we know that the solution isn’t to “rip and replace” your existing legacy systems. Instead, we work with you to identify the strengths of your application portfolio and infuse it with new technologies where they can help unlock your applications’ true business value. We look for ways to detach your applications from the propriety platforms they’re currently tied to and transform them to operate in a more open standards-based environment. This approach can enable you to align your application portfolio more closely to today’s business priorities, while giving you the responsiveness you need to later realign your applications as business priorities change.

Transforming your legacy applications to operate in this open standards-based way also helps you share business and customer data across your enterprise more quickly and easily. And think of the benefits of being able to more easily; more fluidly connect with customers and partners. Imagine the flexibility of being able to redesign business processes on the fly, adding new functions and capabilities as your business needs change or new business opportunities arise. Harmonix Technologies’ Legacy Transformation Services can help you do these things and more.

With the aging, inflexible and costly systems that support operations in these industries, adapting to a more flexible, responsive business model has been a challenge for most companies. Product strategies, customer centricity and distribution and services objectives have often been impeded by core systems developed and deployed at an earlier time. And at a time of increased competition in these industries, companies cannot afford to have technology concerns holding them back.

Legacy transformation has allowed high performance companies to refocus their activities from maintaining older systems tied to a single line of business to enabling business processes that span the enterprise. This refocusing has enabled these companies to break out of a mindset based on traditional business silos and view their businesses from the point of view of their customers. This new perspective has helped companies develop innovative new products and services for their customers, with increased communication and cooperation between lines of business helping them bring these products to market more quickly than ever before.

Begin with the End in Mind

As a networking leader, we make it our business to add new value at every level in your organization while supporting the applications that run your business. As we work with you to design your solution we begin with your end vision in mind. Utilizing our 5D Solution development methodology we set out to work with you teams to focus on ROI delivering applications that enhance the value proposition of you enterprise. These ROI goals include hard dollar savings, enhanced customer and employee satisfaction and competitive differentiators to name a few. Our team then plots out our plan working down the OSI model to determine what altercation will be needed within the network fabric to deliver and effectively maintain these key business applications. We look to see what legacy equipment can be reused and migrated forward and where we will need to design in new elements to support the new services. Upon completion of the project we work diligently with our client to develop a maintenance and on-going upgrade migration path that meets the long-term objectives of the enterprise.

Consulting Services

Committed to delivering innovation, Harmonix collaborates with our clients to leverage Information Technologies to enhance and differentiate their businesses.

Our team of professionals understands how to leverage leading-edge technologies and business experience to identify opportunities and drive business process improvements. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad national resources and a proven track record, Harmonix can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help our clients improve their performance.

Competitive Differentiation – Our Strategic Initiative

Our Professional Services group will work with you to effectively identify, prioritize, and implement eBusiness solutions using our proven Strategic 5D Solution Development Methodology. The benefits of our approach include:

  • Beginning with the end solution in mind – migrate and reuse existing equipment whenever prudent or necessary while moving toward a multi-service network.
  • Strategic planning to move your entire organization toward a common strategic vision
  • Parallel processing and iteration resulting in rapid, comprehensive design models
  • Dramatically accelerated implementation without a cost/quality trade-off
  • Accelerated achievement of business benefits
  • Increased buy-in through a broader base of stakeholder participation
  • Complete, integrated, and robust solution
  • Reduced project risks inherent in any major initiative
  • Focus on strategic, not tactical, thinking

Ready to step into your organization and take charge of developing sound eBusiness solutions, our staff of project managers, strategic consultants, and business & IT consultants can also supplement and add value to your in-house team.

Specialty Areas

We’ll perform a thorough security audit of your IT environment to provide advice on security policies, practices and architecture. Additionally, we can implement security control systems such as firewalls, VPNs, antiviral software, access controls, encryption, and intrusion detection.

  • Infrastructure Project Management – We have a team of highly technical and experienced project managers, many with over 10 years of professional experience. These consultants are often called upon to manage complex, multi-disciplinary projects or are selected to fill interim IT management roles for our clients.
  • LAN/WAN Design and Implementation – Our consultants are accomplished in all aspects of network design and configuration, product analysis and selection, network operating system setup, and network management.
  • Messaging – This team handles all aspects of electronic messaging including product selection, configuration, customization, administration, and operations.
  • Network Management – We are frequently called upon to complete comprehensive assessments of production networks, troubleshoot specific problems, develop support processes and procedures, and provide professionals to augment our clients’ technical staffs.
  • eInfrastructure – Our infrastructure consultants will work with our development professionals to develop complex systems architectures. We’ll perform a network analysis to determine the readiness for a new application. Additionally, we assist with host site selection and provide hands-on operational support for smaller clients that do not have infrastructure support organizations.
  • Information Security – We have specialists across all phases of the infrastructure system lifecycle: discovery planning, design, implementation, operations, and maintenance.
  • Local Area Networks – Shared, layer two and three switched, and VLANs
  • Wide Area Networks – Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, xDSL, VPN, ISP connections
  • Messaging – Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, Unified Messaging
  • Systems Management – Fault, configuration, security, performance, change, etc.

Voice & Data Integration

The Multi-service Networking group of Harmonix Consulting defines and implements computer telephony tactical and strategic system architectures. It provides practical and proven methodology to complete thorough technical and non-technical information and business assessments. Harmonix provides “collaborative” voice & data network systems architecture services that include:

Technical System Design – Defining and uniting current and future business information needs and objectives with computer telephony technology and existing systems.
Interoperability and Infrastructure Design – Providing high-quality computer telephony solutions by leveraging our electronic mail, LAN/WAN, client/server, workflow, and other networking technology integration experience.

Computer Telephony Integration – Harmonix Consulting can help you plan and implement such systems and functions as:

  • Unified Messaging
  • Information and Video Teleconferencing
  • Telecommuter and Work-at-Home Architecture
  • Telephony-Based Client/Server Automated Information Retrieval
  • Customer Relationship Management Integrations
  • IVR and Speech Recognition Solutions

Design Capabilities

Network Planning & Design Services: Access Network Planning & Design performs network architecture modeling for your VoIP for Cable and broadband access networks based on an analysis of your enterprise, technical and service requirements. 

Data Network Planning & Design provides planning and design of IP, ATM, MPLS and high-speed Ethernet networks or a hybrid network of multiple technologies. 

Optical Network Planning & Design plans and designs your optical transport networks in both LAN Backbones and camps environments. 

Wireless Network Planning & Design provides planning and design of your wireless LAN or point to point transport system. 

Technology Evolution Planning & Design focuses on network plans and designs that introduce new technologies into existing network fabrics. 

Business Modeling & Analysis offers a complete business approach to analyze your enterprise and develop the business, financial and technical strategy for a new or existing product/service. 

Network Planning & Design Services deliver value by designing the most economical multivendor network with the highest Quality of Service to support current and future service, technology, and capacity requirements. A well-planned network maximizes profits by minimizing capital expenditures and reducing operational costs, while providing the high Quality of Service required in order to be successful.