We tailor our designs to meet the needs of small and mid-size enterprise as well as large Fortune 500 organizations. With cost effective solutions that give you a return on your investment (ROI), we work with business leaders to achieve technological success.

We understand the challenges businesses face.  Rather you are a Small Business or Large Fortune 500 Enterprise.  We offer solutions that allow you to budget over time a comprehensive plan to address your IT concerns and continue to build and grow your bottom line without worry that your sensitive data in accounting or otherwise will be compromised.  Our best solutions for commercial clients is our FLAT RATE I.T. Managed Services.  At a nominal monthly cost, we can partner with you to fully manage your technology infrastructure.  We will build from the ground up if we need to! With our dedicated technical specialists and engineers, we will partner with you to design a fool-proof solution.  

We currently have long-term contracts with Construction Industry Leaders such as Custom Grading, Inc., Cordova Contracting and Development LLC, WCE, Inc.  Law Offices such as Antonia Roybal-Mack, P.C. and large restaurants such as El Pinto Restaurant and Salsa Co.

Our strategy is the same regardless of your particular industry, we provide the following:

  • Free Technology Consultations
  • Full Assessment and Evaluation of your Technical Infrastructure 
  • Advisement and Full Technology Planning 
  • Full Project Planning and Budget Friendly Phase Implementations 

Harmonix Technologies offers special financing. Contact a Harmonix Specialist Today!

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