5D Solution Development Methodology

Harmonix Technologies understands the need for consensus when designing business solutions for customers. We utilize a proven 5D solution development process that assures comprehensive and accurate information collection and ensures consensus between Harmonix and your Information Technology Team. Depending on your company’s needs, Harmonix can help you with some some or all of the following:


  • Define and Document Your Needs, Requirements, Existing Environment and Business Objectives

  • Define Project Objectives and Deliverables, and Set the Stage for the Deployment Phase of the Project

  • Create an Implementation Project Plan to Deploy your New Technology

  • Perform Application (Voice, Video) Impact Study

  • Conduct Application (Voice, Video) Readiness Assessment

  • Define Strategic Objectives

  • Leverage Current Infrastructure to Maximize Utilization

  • Data Flow Analysis

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Circuit Analysis


  • Perform Site Survey Analysis

  • Map Out Existing Infrastructure (Vision and Inventory List)

  • Determine Interoperability of Existing Components

  • Research Maintenance Costs of Existing Elements

  • Research Viability of Migrating Forward Legacy Elements


  • Migration Plan

  • Convergence Strategies

  • Financial Analysis Justification

  • Communication Strategies

  • Infrastructure with Schematics

  • Existing Systems Overview

  • Solution Description

  • Implementation Planning

  • Quality Planning

  • Support Planning


  • Project Management

  • Deployment/Installation

  • Managed Services

  • Training/Skills Transfer

  • Custom Support Services

  • Define Strategic Objectives

  • Future Convergence Plans


  • Provide Concise Documentation of Solution

  • Work with Client to Select Proper Maintenance Fit

  • Set Long-term Strategy for Migration of Network Aligned with Investment Protection

  • Continually Seek New Intrusion Defense and Detection Solutions